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Ortoalpino is a small farm, farmhouse and educational farm located 650 metres above the sea level in the Belluno pre-Alps. It has approximately two hectares of land used as a large garden, orchards, meadow for mowing and forest for wood. Free range poultry and rabbits are raised there. No pesticides, antibiotics nor chemical fertilizers are used at all.b&b dolomiti trichiana belluno orto alpino

We are a 0-impact company based on eco-sustainable procedures. We produce energy through photovoltaic panels; we heat water through solar panels and a woody biomass boiler in winter. We recover rain water from the roof for non-drinkable usage and we produce most of the detergents. The house is thermally insulated to be in class B.

There are the main building houses in addition to the housing of the farmer; also there are the teaching rooms and laboratories, the warehouses, kitchen of the farm, as well as the reception and dining rooms.

We also have 2 rooms equipped for B & B activities and 2 fully independent cottages to accommodate tourists or those who want to live with us, with this magnificent reality.

We are engulfed with woods and meadows, where it’s possible to have countless excursions by foot, biking or horse riding. It’s easy to get here in winter thanks to a clean and paved road, and it’s connected with the world by a telephone line and a 7 megabit ADSL.
We speak Italian and all the regional dialects well, our English is O.K and we intend to learn German, but haven’t yet.  You’re still welcome if you speak another language, but we can’t guarantee loads of conversation.


Ortoalpino is a small farm in the Alps. It produces both fruits and vegetables, and it cares about wild and aromatic herbs, fruits and essences. Ortoalpino breeds small animals and gives them large open spaces to scratch about, with food automatically produced without any artificial product.DSCN7479

All crops are in open fields or in cold tunnels that are used to anticipate the season, or to repair some crops (tomatoes, aubergines and peppers) from the night dew, due to cold temperatures at these altitudes.

Many crops derive from self-produced seeds, others directly from seedbeds. No type of fertilizer, weed killer or insecticide, is administered to vegetation or soil. The fertilization is done with manure, leaves, wood ash and pollen. The plants are constantly rotated and the land is left to rest periodically.

We produce everything that the average mountain allows: potatoes, onions, a variety of beans, radicchio and lettuce, courgettes, pumpkins, cabbage of various kinds and carrots. We are able to produce excellent tomatoes without any treatment (not even copper sulphate), used for either salads or sauce.

We grow strawberries, raspberries, currants, blackberries, apples and plums.

We sell fresh vegetables in season and also some rabbit or poultry. We use most of our products to make preserves, dry products or food products. We give them to our guests in lunches and dinners.

Transformation laboratory

Ortoalpino has a food processing laboratory equipped and authorized to process meats and vegetables in order to ensure their conservation and edibility.20161105-IMG_5766

Our natural preservatives are vinegar (pickle), oil (in oil), sugar (jams and syrups), and salt (brine).

We dry beans, mushrooms and aromatic herbs.

We break down and freeze fresh vegetables and meats to be able to offer customers a genuine product even during the periods of the year when the climate does not allow harvesting them.

We offer our guests cured meat made by us with pig meat, reared as previous generations did and without any preservatives.


Ortoalpino also provides cuisine, tradition and protection of traditional recipes made with traditional products. Our farmhouse kitchen works with mostly self-produced ingredients or, if necessary, ingredients coming from other farms that we know directly.^1B12ECF5A60DAD02E6F58F31B7464D50AD5955DAAEB789463A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Lunch or dinner has the structure of a home-made menu: a couple of starters to be enjoyed at the time of meeting the guests, a soup or cream of hot vegetables, or, if you’d prefer, a home-made rice or pasta; a main dish that contains the chicken or the

birds of the court, the rabbit, or, subject to choice,

excellent local beef.

So, a zero metres menu from natural agriculture with zero chemistry. Always seasonal, integrated with herbs or wild plants. Long cooking without flavourings, thickeners nor exotic flavours.

The dining area provides preferable white tablecloths in spacious rooms, refined porcelain and with the necessary tranquillity for a supreme tasting. We agree with the customer seasonal menus, even vegetarian.

The kitchen opens only for groups greater than 15 people.

Cottages and Rooms

Ortoalpino has 2 cottages dating back to the eighteenth century (The Old Dairy and The Shelter of the Caretaker) that have been renovated and used as independent and comfortable units, suitable to accommodate singles, couples and small families.24-1024x682

In addition to the bedroom and the bathroom, the apartments also have a kitchen including a small microwave and a fridge. We supply crockery and pots, and give our guests fresh seasonal vegetables, eggs and aromatic herbs that can be useful for preparing delicious dinners.

Ortoalpino has two other rooms, located in the attic of the main building that provides Bed & Breakfast, which are suitable for those who stay for short periods or for those who, during the day, want to visit the surrounding area.

We provide pure cotton linen and towels that are hand-embroidered and washed with lye, an ancient detergent made from ash, which, beyond cleaning beautifully, is completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Ortoalpino Educational Farm

Ortoalpino is an educational farm. All its parts are designed not only for the purpose of efficient and qualitative production, but also to be shared with our guests in order to spread healthy routine procedures and a model of symbiosis with nature and alpine life.IMG_0519_Darkroom

The large hall is designed to accommodate groups of guests, to make a classroom and an educational workshop; to watch movies, organise conferences, tastings and group moments. The wooden floor also lends itself to physical activity, spiritual exercises etc.

The kitchen is also a cooking laboratory and can host alpine, biological and vegetarian cooking courses etc.

We offer one day, or more than one day courses, guided tastings as well as manual and visual workshops.

Among our topics are:

  • Officinal, aromatic and alimurgic herbalist courses
  • Courses of tastings, including cheese, honey and herbal teas
  • Organic farming courses
  • Mycology courses
  • Italian courses for foreigners
  • And much more that helps to enhance and preserve the mountain territory

Ortoalpino lifestyle

Why should you be guest of Ortoalpino?

Ortoalpino is a farm and a project of agriculture, profitability, hospitality and culture. It offers guests well-being, curiosity and pleasure.

Here you can:132-1024x768

1) Totally relax. You can get up late, have breakfast under the trees in summer or winter, read a book, walk in the nearby woods, sleep with the cicadas singing, enjoy a sunset and so on…

2) Have excursions and naturalisms, walks, Nordic walks, mountain biking (we will provide them for free), get lost in our woods, valleys and peaks, visit waterfalls, admire the Brent dell’Art, stay in huts with good cheese…

3) Experience food and wine connoisseurship, visit Prosecco wineries, turnarie dairies and huts that produce butter and cheese. You can visit farms, local ice cream parlours and restaurants.

4) Relive history by visiting the 100-day road, the locations of battles on the Piave, on Mount Grappa, on the Dolomites and the Italian, French, English and Austro-German ossuary.

5) Live with us in the life of the company, work with the animals, manage the garden, collect and cook fruit and vegetables and have lunch made of the company’s products.

6) Do what you and your partner want …